Palm Leaf Platter Trays


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Disposable Palm Leaf Platter Trays: 13×4 Inch Rectangular, Pack of 25

At LLC, we aim to bring in products that are natural, economical, supports associated farmers and offer a sustainable solution for making our Mother Earth Plastic-Free! natural, compostable tableware is one such product. Our flatware, plates, bowls are made from heavyweight palm tree leaf to create utensils that blend durability with functionality. All products are fully compostable, eco-consciously disposable and are proudly free of any chemicals/resins. Unlike wooden/bamboo dinnerware, no tree is ever harmed for the raw material. With single-use plastic disposable posing a challenge, these disposable plates/bowls can easily be converted to compost in 60-70 odd days thus it is safe for the environment too. These are hygienic kitchenware, kids friendly and can be used straight from the pack. Since these plates can withstand higher temperatures, these are microwave safe. Because of its natural woody texture and aroma, these plates looks very elegant and even perfectly fit as theme party supplies be it for birthday celebrations, wedding banquets, graduation parties or anniversary dinner. As these are compostable, disposal of these plates does not require any special commercial facility/no landfill and makes them a perfect fit for camping as these can even be used as campfire fuel. These bowls can be used for serving fruits, vegetable, desserts, salads etc.
Disposable Palm Leaf Platter Trays: 13×4 Inch Rectangular, Pack of 25


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