Palm Leaf Compostable Bowls


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Dtocs Palm Leaf Compostable Dip Bowls (Pack 100) 4 Inch Round (2 Portion) | Bamboo Like Disposable Tasting Sauce Mini Bowl Set

Disposable Palm Leaf Sauce Dip Bowls Party Set (Pack 100). At Dtocs LLC, we aim to bring in single use dinnerware items that are natural, economical, supports associated farmers and offers a sustainable solution for making our Mother Earth Plastic-Free! Dtocs natural, compostable tableware is one such product. Our flatware and plates are made from heavy weight “naturally fallen” palm leaves to create kitchen utensils that blend durability with functionality. Our eco leaf tableware is fully compostable, eco-consciously disposable and are proudly free of any chemicals/resins. Unlike wooden/bamboo plates/bowls, no tree is ever harmed for the raw material. With single-use plastic disposable posing a challenge, these disposable sauce dip bowls & tasting bowls, can easily be converted to compost in 60-70 odd days thus it is safe for environment too. These are hygienic kitchenware, kids friendly and can be used straight from the pack. Since these plates can withstand higher temperatures, these are microwave safe. Because of its natural woody texture and aroma, these plates looks very elegant and even perfectly fit as theme party supplies be it for birthday celebrations, wedding banquets, graduation parties or anniversary dinner. As these are compostable, these bowls donn’t end in landfill thus making them a perfect fit for camping as these can even be used as campfire fuel. Our dinnerware range includes: dinner plates, dessert plates, designer snack plates, tasting plates, dip bowls, soup bowls, platters, charcuteroe board and serving trays. Based on the shape and size opted, these organic biodegradable compostable dinnerware can be used as disposable wedding plates, sushi, BBQ platters, charcuterie boards, in wedding, birthdays, corporate events, thanksgiving dinner & camping.
  • Award Winning Eco-friendly Dip Bowls: Winner of NEXTY 2019 Innovative Mission Based Product Award, these USDA certified biobased disposable bowls are 100% natural & compostable.
  • Resin Free Dinnerware Set: These areca palm leaf disposable bowls are made from resin free production process with no polish or wax finish, just pure palm leaf. Hence, they are safe for human use.
  • Handcrafted Economical Party Pack: Get the best value for your money with our handcrafted palm leaf dinnerware party pack. These are ideal for weddings, camping, BBQ, restaurants, cahrcuterie etc.
  • Microwave Safe & Sturdy: This eco palm leaf dinnerware is much sturdier than available disposable paper & sugarcane bagasse bowls hence can even be used like reusable bamboo bowls for dry food.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Dtocs aims to serve customers with best natural compostable party utensils thus we have backed our palm leaf plates, bowls, platters with total satisfaction guarantee.


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