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GRINMIND 120 Pack Round Disposable Palm Leaf Plates Set – 40 Plates 7-10″ 40 Forks 40 Knives – Biodegradable & Compostable – Bamboo Plates Disposable Like – Perfect BBQs Camping Party

  • 🌿REMARKABLY STURDY AND LIGHT WEIGHT: Unlike paper and other palm leaf plates that get soggy or easily break, the GRINMIND biodegradable palm leaf dinnerware set with birch wood cutlery is made from premium quality areca leaves that provide an extra-sturdy result. Our heavy-duty design makes disposable palm leaf plates microwave and freezer safe
  • 🌿COMPOSTABLE & DISPOSABLE: Since Grinmind’s biodegradable palm leaf plates are made from naturally fallen areca leaves, they can be easily composted. Unlike plastic dinnerware, palm plates take 50 to 100 days to degrade. Palm leaf dinnerware set can be safely burned, without emitting toxic vapors like plastic disposables do. That makes biodegradable palm leaf plate set ideal for disposal in fire pits at summer camps or lodges
  • 🌿100% SAFE: Eco-friendly disposable palm leaf plates, birch wood forks and knives are 100% natural, non-toxic and chemical-free. Our biodegradable dinnerware is not treated with any protective coating or wax. Unlike paper or plastic dinnerware, biodegradable dinner plates and cutlery can be used with hot and cold food without a fear of releasing harmful chemicals into your food; perfect for salads, appetizers, snacks, pizza, pasta, sauces, sushi, desserts such as ice-cream and cakes
  • 🌿ECO-FRIENDLY: Pure palm plates are sustainable and 100% earth-friendly. Unlike bamboo and wooden plates, no tree is harmed to produce them. Only naturally fallen palm leaves are used in the production process. Being biodegradable, these disposable dinner plates won’t harm the environment or make you feel guilty for throwing them away
  • 🌿GREAT FOR ANY OCCASION: Eco friendly palm leaf dinnerware has its own elegant and unique wooden texture pattern. They are great for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, camping, picnics, BBQs, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduation, etc. Plus, these disposable leaf plates and wood cutlery will save you time and eliminate the hassle of cleaning dirty dishes. Provide a rustic look to your dining table and add a sophisticated natural touch to any occasion



Material Palm Leaf, Bamboo
Color 7″&10″ – 120 PSC
Special Feature Non Stick, 20 pcs of 10″ Plates; 20 pcs of 7″ Plates; 40 Knives; 40 Forks, Durability, Microwave Safe, Sustainable
Occasion All Occasions


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