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Leaf Plates sea Grape 60 Picese very Unique and stylish for desert – pastery – compotable – Biodegradeble –


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Sea grapes plate can range in size from a small bush to a full size tree. In ideal conditions, it can grow up to 40 or 50 feet high but in Florida they are usually less than 15 feet in height and keep a bush-like shape. The bark is smooth and a yellow-brown color. 1 The leaves are large, up to seven inches, roundish or bean shaped, with wavy edges and a striking reddish central vein. They feel leathery to the touch and appear waxy. The flowers are small, off white and grow in clusters that look like spikes. The marble sized fruit grows in bunches similar to grapes but skinnier, with all the fruit clustered around one central stem. The green fruit typically appears in late summer and turns pinkish-purple when ripe. Due to the effects of climate change, fruit can be spotted as early as May in Florida.
100% ALL-NATURAL: Compostable and biodegradable,Strong enough to carry an appetizer a full meal these plates are Ideal for cafes – Restaurants – Birthday parties – indoor and outdoor event . these eco-friendly plates and bowls are a perfect environmentally healthy alternative to other disposable tableware. Cleaned and Steam-Treated Leaves they posses no chemicals, dyes, glue or wax! Natural Palm Smell is Normal-Ready to Use – No Need To Wash SUPER STURDY: Pure Palm Leaf Plates and Bowls are lightweight as well as being thick enough not to leak, sag, or break; Strong enough to handle heavy entrees, soups and sides. These heavy-duty are the way to go! MICROWAVABLE and OVEN-SAFE: Reheat Your Leftovers in the Microwave; Put Them in the Oven up to 340 Degrees PARTY FAVORITE: Naturally Enhance Your Wedding, Birthday, Camping Trip, Holiday Gathering, BBQ, Picnic, or Outdoor Event. These EcoElegant table ware Leaf pretty bowls and plates are sure to enhance any occasion with their rustic wooden/bamboo appearance! SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: All Eco Elegant table ware Products are Backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee HASSLE FREE / GUILT FREE – Easy clean up, just throw them away. These plates have no plastic or wax coating and are bleach free, pesticide free, chlorine and dye free so you can dispose of them without the guilt of other disposable cutlery. Just throw them in the bin or preferably the compost to do your bit for the environment. • NATURAL DESIGN – Made from natural materials each plate is unique and has character. Plates are natural wood grain with small variation in color, shape and texture and even the occasional imperfection.







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