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Smarty 3″ Natural Birch Eco-Friendly Disposable Mini Dessert Spoons 600ct


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Cutlery has a great influence on the overall look of the table decor, bringing style and functionality to every successfully arranged party. And as the eco-responsibility keeps growing and becomes probably the biggest trend these days, it’s time to consider the way to be more sustainable when it comes to planning your special occasion. The best way to start is to forget the ordinary silverware you’re used to and meet Smarty’s stylish yet eco-friendly cutlery pieces that are made entirely of birch wood. Strong, smart, and sustainable, these amazing cutlery pieces will give your guests a modern and sustainable way to spear, stab, and scoop up any of your delicious party specialties, from cakes and cupcakes to salads and appetizers. The fabulous, unique design of these cutlery pieces will break the mold of traditional thinking about standard cutlery. With a classic yet trendy design that looks awesome, elegant silhouette, and beautiful natural grains texture (very much similar to wood design), these fantastic cutlery pieces will blend seamlessly into various settings, providing an excellent match for any decor or venue. Therefore, whether you decide to celebrate your wedding, birthday party, baby or bridal shower on exotic outdoor, fun poolside, or elegant indoor space, these cutlery pieces, combining beauty and utility with eco-responsibility, will surely add a chic and rustic touch to your tablescape and make your celebrations remembered.

Smarty Had A Party Disposable Eco-Friendly Compostable Birch Wood Dessert Spoons in Classic Design (600 spoons) includes:

  • 600 pieces of Dessert Spoons

Make a purchase that benefits you and the environment! Using this cutlery, you will not have to worry about the negative environmental effects, due to each cutlery piece is manufactured by the flawless technology of water-soaking and heat-pressing birch wood, and contain no coatings or additives. They boast molded, reinforced, easy-to-grip handles that won’t wimp out under the weight of heavy bites, and durable construction that is designed to resist cracking, breaking and bending while using. That sturdiness and the fact they are so comfortable to hold will provide your guests with easy and hassle-free use. And the best part of all, with their disposable convenience, you’ll spare yourself from the chore of doing the dishes after the party. These naturally strong and durable cutlery pieces are fully biodegradable, which means they can be decomposed within a matter of months in a certified facility, leaving no trace, so you can feel guilt-free to throw them in the trash, your green recyclable bin, or home compost when your party is over. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve the sustainability of your party food service. Use, enjoy, dispose of!

Don’t wait for a second to include these fabulous cutlery pieces into your lovely party supplies and ensure spectacular, Earth-safe, and comfortable dining experience.

Smarty Had A Party is a leading manufacturer designer, distributor and wholesaler of the highest quality plastic party supplies. Smarty Had A Party is a family owned business that takes enormous pride providing world class customer service. As an internationally renowned special event supplies company, Smarty Had A Party carries an extensive selection of top of the line plastic plates, dishes, bowls, cutlery, cups and glasses. Smarty Had A Party’s philosophy is to maintain an eye towards future trends in the event planning industry.

  • Birch Wood Dessert Spoons in Classic Design
  • Includes: 600 pieces of Dessert Spoons
  • Made only of fallen leaves that are gathered, cleaned and pressed
  • All natural, compostable and biodegradable, with no binders or chemicals
  • Designed for all events and occasions such as but not limited to: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Engagements, Baby Showers, Thanksgiving parties, and other occasions


Smarty Had A Party


Smarty Had A Party

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