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Palm Naki Round Compartment Palm Leaf Plates (40 Count) – BPA Free Plates, Disposable Dinnerware, Compostable and Biodegradable 3 Compartment Plates, Eco Friendly Plates (10″ Round Plates)

Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving, a holiday party, July 4th BBQ, or an outdoor wedding, Palm Naki products are the conveniently sustainable choice for you! Our disposable tableware is made of 100% Areca Palm Leaves, making all plates and bowls biodegradable & compostable. With a naturally chic aesthetic, Palm Naki’s palm leaf plates and bowls are microwave-safe, sturdy, and leak-proof. Soggy, disposable plates are a thing of the past when you choose Palm Naki!
  • ✅ MICROWAVE SAFE & LIQUID RESISTANT! – Our disposable palm leaf compartment plates can handle whatever hot food you have on the menu, whether as a serving dish or dinner plate! Other biodegradable options on the market get soggy and bend or deform just like paper and plastic, whereas our palm leaf plates are made to withstand microwave heat and your favorite sauces and gravy.
  • ✅ NATURE’S GIFT! – Inspired by our love for nature, Palm Naki’s palm leaf compartment plates provide a conveniently eco-conscious and compostable solution to the need for disposable tableware. No trees are cut in the making of Palm Naki’s palm leaf products, as our manufacturing process exclusively uses handpicked, naturally fallen Areca Palm leaves. Palm Naki is nature’s gift!
  • ✅ BEST PAPER & PLASTIC ALTERNATIVE! – No chemicals, dyes, glues, or binding agents here at Palm Naki! Our Areca palm leaf compartment plates are completely compostable, biodegrading in just a few months to become one with the Earth again. Plastic is not biodegradable, littering our oceans and landfills indefinitely. Paper plates are made using dyes and glues, which can seep back into the Earth upon disposal. Our palm leaf dinnerware is an affordable alternative to these harmful products!
  • ✅ STACKABLE, PRACTICAL, & PARTY-PERFECT! – Experience the convenience of traditional disposable plates with consideration for Mother Nature! Our palm leaf compartment plates are lightweight, sturdy, and stackable, making event setup easier than ever. Elevate your party with an aesthetically pleasing addition that’s sure to impress your guests. You can contribute to a happier, healthier future for our beautiful planet with Palm Naki. Click the Add to Cart button to add some eco-friendly flair to your party today!


Palm Naki


Palm Naki
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